Take the Sustainable Laundry Pledge

Tide purclean™ and WWF are asking you to join them in committing to a better future for our planet. Take the Sustainable Laundry Pledge by clicking the pledge button below or tweeting using the #CleanPledge hashtag. For every pledge or tweet, Tide purclean will donate $5 to WWF’s global conservation efforts (up to $250,000).

Tide purclean & WWF Sustainable Laundry Pledge

When I do my laundry, I pledge to make a positive impact for the planet. I will:

Wash with cold water

One year of cold-water cycles saves enough energy to:

  • Drive more than 300 miles
  • Charge your smartphone for a lifetime
  • Power your TV for 4 months

Use an energy-saving HE washer and quick cycle

On average, HE machines can use 3x less water and deliver 65% energy savings.

Extend clothing life through care

The average American throws away 70lbs of textile waste each year, totaling 21 billion pounds and accounting for over 5% of all landfill. With care, your clothes can last for 15 years or longer, compared to around 3 years if not well maintained. Remember to follow the care label instructions on your clothes closely to prolong longevity.